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Founded & Managed by Cathy Y. Mawart
Gem and Jewelry Appraiser Expert

Graduated from GIA - New York, NY

ISA Certified Member

Over 15 years of experience in the Jewelry Business.

Main Office in New York, NY.

Offices in Europe: Paris, London.


WGS provides gemological services, appraisals for various purposes: insurance, estate, donation, liquidation. WGS also provides oral appraisals (pre-purchase, consultation), and also gem reports.

All appraisals are prepared in accordance with the current USPAP.

The way we do appraisals: on-site, provide pick-up, attend appraisal events and also for some chain stores online.


For Estate, Liquidation: for some cases, the fee will vary according on the time it will require to examine your jewelry and research values, it can also be based on the characteristics and complexity of your jewelry(ie. stone size, quantity of stones, carat weight)

For Insurance purpose, Consultation, Gem or Diamond Report: the fee is based on the carat weight.

On the client's location, we will provide the services on your premises,  there is an additional fee for transportation depending on the location.

Fees are not based on the value.


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