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When purchasing a diamond, you will hear mention of the “4 Cs.”The four characteristics used to determine the value of a diamond.
The Four C’s of diamonds correspond to the carat, cut, clarity and color.


Most diamonds are cut with 58 facets, except the Princess & Radiant diamond cutter must examine a rough stone and decide which shape the finished diamond will be, based on the shape of the rough stone, location of its imperfections, its size and how much weight will be lost in the cutting process. 



Carat is a measure of weight, not size. A carat equals 100 points or 1/5 of a gram.
Diamonds of higher carat weight are generally more valuable because they are found less frequently in nature.


Colorless: rated as D, E and F. These are the most desirable “colors” for a diamond.
Near colorless: rated G, H, I and J. These stones “face-up” colorless, with only slight traces of color visible to a trained eye.
Faint Yellow: rated K, L and M. In smaller sizes these stones “face-up” near colorless. Larger stones will appear tinted.
Yellow Tint: rated M through Z, these stones w ill show a yellowish tint to an untrained eye.



Flawless: Free of all inclusions & blemishes under 10x magnification Internally
Flawless: same as above, with minor surface blemishes
VVS1 & VVS2: Minute inclusions difficult to locate under 10x magnification by trained observer.
VS1 &VS2: Contain minor inclusions between those difficult and those somewhat easy to locate under 10x
SI1 & SI2: Contains noticeable inclusions easily visible under 10x
I-1, I-2, and I-3: Contain inclusions from difficult to easily visible to the unaided eye.

Each appraisal in writing contains a description of the characteristics of the natural diamonds/colored stones gems based upon the application of the grading techniques and required equipment.
Each appraisal has a digital photograph, a seal from the laboratory, and a lamination treatment.
The appraisal is an official statement of the value of the piece.
We also provide Diamond and Colored Stone Report. The difference from the appraisal, there is no monetary value.
A diamond report will cover the 4 C's, in depth measurements of the proportions are noted, along with a detailed mapping of the inclusion, which will give a complete visual of the internal characteristics, which is is useful for identification purposes. Any enhancement is disclosed. 
A colored stone report will contain the same information as for the diamond, also any treatment will be disclosed(ie. heat treatment for a sapphire...)
(P-1) Poor - Barely identifiable; must have date and mint mark, otherwise pretty thrashed.
(FR-2) Fair - Worn almost smooth but lacking the damage Poor coins have.
(G-4) Good - Heavily worn such that inscriptions merge into the rims in places; details are mostly gone.
(VG-8) Very Good - Very worn, but all major design elements are clear, if faint. Little if any central detail.
(F-12) Fine - Very worn, but wear is even and overall design elements stand out boldly. Almost fully-separated rims.
(VF-20) Very Fine - Moderately worn, with some finer details remaining. All letters of LIBERTY, (if present,) should be readable. 
(EF-40) Extremely Fine - Lightly worn; all devices are clear, major devices bold.
(AU-50) About Uncirculated - Slight traces of wear on high points; may have contact marks and little eye appeal.
(AU-58) Very Choice About Uncirculated -  Slightest hints of wear marks, no major contact marks, almost full luster.
(MS-60) Mint State Basal - Strictly uncirculated but that's all; ugly coin with no luster, obvious contact marks, etc.
(MS-63) Mint State Acceptable - Uncirculated, but with contact marks and nicks, slightly impaired luster.
(MS-65) Mint State Choice - Uncirculated with strong luster, very few contact marks, excellent eye appeal. Strike is above average.
(MS-68) Mint State Premium Quality - Uncirculated with perfect luster, no visible contact marks to the naked eye.
(MS-69) Mint State Almost Perfect - Uncirculated with perfect luster, sharp, attractive strike, and very exceptional eye appeal. A perfect coin except for microscopic flaws (under 8x magnification) in planchet, strike, or contact marks.
(MS-70) Mint State Perfect - The perfect coin. There are no microscopic flaws visible to 8x, the strike is sharp, perfectly-centered, and on a flawless planchet. Bright, full, original luster and outstanding eye appeal.

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